How you can help

"From places that still ring with the brolga's wild and wonderful bugle comes a clear, constant refrain: saving nature in all its splendid variety is the only way to go if we plan on going the distance."
Mitch Reardon, Brolga Country, Allen and Unwin 2007

Cranes are flagship species - charismatic species that are invaluable in raising public awareness of conservation issues.  

Cranes are also important indicator species, located  near the top of the wetland food chain they indicate overall environmental health.

Threats to cranes include habitat loss such as draining of wetlands and urban development; hunting and poisoning; drought and other natural disasters; and hazards, especially during migration such as power line collision and wind farms.

Worldwide some amazing projects have been put in place to try and prevent the loss of any of the 15 world crane species. Cranes such as the critically endangered North American Whooping crane, have been brought back from the brink of extinction, and in England, European Cranes are once again being seen in the wild after more than a century.

The future of Brolgas and Sarus Cranes in Australia depends entirely on us.

So, what can we do to help?

•    Go birding
•    Join one of our local conservation or birding groups such as Birds Australia NQ
•    Take part in the annual Crane Count
•    Join one of our Crane Week activities
•    Become a sponsor of Crane  Week
•    Paint them, photograph them, enjoy them
•    Take your visitors to see them
•    Read a crane story to your children

And you too, like us, will become a "Craniac"!